10 AC Maintenance Tips

Have you ever experienced a spike in your energy bills, but you’ve been using the same amount of energy as before? Have you checked your AC units? Most of the time, the problems could be traced back to uncleaned filters and malfunctioning coils. You can avoid this from happening if you hire an air conditioning company to do the regular check-up and maintenance. But if you also want to have an idea how it’s done, read more.  

AC Maintenance

  • The unit’s condenser coils and evaporator collect dirt over time. Once they are full of dirt, the airflow is reduced which then insulates the coil. The unit will have difficulty in absorbing heat, and that explains the hot air it produces. The condenser coils located outdoor can also become dusty, so it really needs cleaning every now and then.  
  • If you want to improve the efficiency of your unit big time, cleaning or replacing the air filters is necessary. It should be replaced at least once a month. The HVAC company will be able to identify the type of filters to use based on your system. The professionals will then check, clean and replace the filter during their regular visits.  
  • Other factors that can reduce the efficiency of your AC unit are the dirt like leaves and grass clippings that build up outside the unit. The plants and shrubs should be trimmed and pruned so it won’t impede the airflow of the unit.  
  • The heat exchanger and concrete pads under the unit will settle after a long time. This is okay if the electrical lines and copper coolant tubes don’t have a strain. But if the water puddles around the unit, you should take action already.  
  • Also, you should check the thermostat. Most of the minor problems can be traced back to malfunctioning thermostats. If you have a manual thermostat, you should upgrade to a programmable one. This way, you can set various temperatures on different parts of your house.  
  • Check the compressor. Most of the worst noise are because of the unit’s compressor. There are universal blankets for AC units that can compress the sound. You can also let the professional install it for you. 
  • Fix the crushed fins of the unit. You can do this by applying a gentle pressure from a dinner knife. This would only take you a minute.  
  • Check the condensate drain tube if it’s clogged or not. You can tell if it’s clogging if you see water puddling around the furnace. It might contain bacteria that can clog the tube.  
  • If you want to control the heat on your house, close the windows or keep them covered. This will save you lots of energy.  
  • Check the insulation of the unit. The unit’s efficiency is improved if you replace the insulation that are rotted or damaged.  

Those are some of the things you can do to maintain the efficiency of your AC unit. It’s important that you monitor its condition, so it can keep on working.   

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