5 Ways to Achieve a Fungus-free Dishwasher

What should you do to remove fungi in your dishwasher that thrives well in high alkaline pH values, high moisture, and high temperature? To know more, keep reading and check out these 5 ways for you to achieve a fungus-free dishwasher. 

Allow the dishwasher to dry out 

A good way to prevent having fungi in your dishwasher is to let things dry out because fungi endure well in places that are moist and warm. After completing the dishwashing cycle, remove the clean dishes out and open the door overnight in order to cool down and dry out.  


Guarantee that the water is hot enough 

Even though fungi do thrive in hot temperatures, placing your dishwasher on sanitation cycle for a long time should at least sanitize itself. Even other dishwashers have an option to steam clean. To avoid any new growth from taking place, just ensure that you allow the dishwasher to dry out first after you use it.  


Ways to dry your dishwasher out 

  • Add a cup of vinegar

If you would like to incorporate a little upgrade to your sanitation cycle, you could add one cup of vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher prior to the start of the cycle. 


  • Apply some Tea Tree oil on your dishwasher

Unlike bleached detergents or bleach, tea tree oil is the most effective since it is antibacterial and it has a natural antifungal property. Moreover, tea tree oil is not harmful specially to pets and people and a little application go a long way in terms of its power of killing fungi. Also, tea tree oil is very cheap and you can purchase this for approximately $11 for a small bottle and it can be seen mostly on natural food stores. Check the ingredients label and make sure that it has its technical name Melaleuca Alternifolia because not all brands that you can purchase is made from that particular tree.  


To utilize tea tree oil, just mix one teaspoon of it per cup of water in a spray bottle. It’s not really needed to wipe it away—you can simply leave after you spray it on your dishwasher on any surfaces of your house and make it as one of your cleaning solutions. This will kill the fungi and bacteria and it will keep them from returning. This oil has a strong odor. However, it will eventually go away after a few moments. With the help of this oil, you will now have a fungi-free dishwasher. 


  • Rinse your dishwasher before you use it

Before you wash your dishes, give your dishwasher a quick rinse with a solution of tea tree oil or vinegar and let it dry out. 


  • Get a professional help 

If you really want to know how to achieve a fungi-free dishwasher from experts, then you must contact any local dishwasher repair Calgary service company. They would gladly help you out with your concerns and they will offer you some recommendations and advise for you to be aware of how to maintain your dishwasher.  






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